New Copiers and Printers

Finding the Perfect Copier/Printer is as Easy as

It all starts with choosing the right size printer for you need… that easy. Here are the steps:

Paper usage is the primary factor when deciding which machine is perfect for you. Do you use less than one case of paper per month? or more than 20? Let us know in the Ask the Copier Concierge section and we will help you select a machine and customize it for you. You can also browse machines based on paper usage.

Today’s Multifunctional Printers have two speeds that users care about:


Your patterns of use should determine which are most efficient and cost effective for your office.

Take this quiz to determine how much speed is enough?

Color COPIERS AND PRINTERS have made the imaging technologies industry very wealthy.

People love color and it can help to tell your story, sell your product and make things much safer. COLOR costs have come down dramatically, although color PRICES don’t always reflect those costs.

There are many color systems to choose from – more than black & white systems, now. Believe it or not, EVERY size and speed of color machine HAS AN ECONOMIC NICHE where it is the most efficient machine for someone’s applications.

Take this quiz to help find your color needs.

Let’s customize your machine with the right peripherals… tell us what functions will make your office happy: stapling, hole-punching, booklet-making, special papers and applications. We’ll do the rest!

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