Health Care, Fairness and Free Enterprise

Even Copier companies pay for health care, and as costs keep shooting up, everyone on the paying side suffers.  Here's a short booklet on a far better way to resolve both cost and access issues, while ADDING to personal freedom, rather than stealing from it. 

Your Friend, Ohhh-Cee-Ahhr

The first document management system (scanning, indexing and retrieval) Copilabs sold was to the original “MVP Sports” headquarters. It cost nearly $50,000 and was readily cost-justified. “How is that possible,” you ask?

They had a filing system comprised of 19 lateral file cabinets, 4 drawers each. There were always bulging folders sitting on top of the cabinets, awaiting re-filing. The opportunities for loss of pages, or simple misplacement of files, was large. The costs of time and loss were larger than the cost of financing the new electronic filing system.

Finding All Those Pages

We’ve used indexes (also called indices, nowadays) since we’ve had writing. As soon as we made separate rooms for different grains, or put fences between fields, we’ve kept lists of which was which. Chapters in books, page numbering, wooden pigeon-hole sorting cabinets, street addresses: they’re all types of indexes. Even the numbers on sports uniforms are used to link players’ names with their positions on the field, their lockers in the clubhouse, their paychecks and so on. Indexes.

Making the Scanner Scan

“I put my document on the feeder, but it doesn’t scan...”

Of the four most popular kinds of scan functions, the most common is called “SMB.” SMB stands for “Server Message Block’” and it basically means that you are “pushing” or sending scanned images of pages to a directory, or “folder” on a computer: your desktop PC, your network’s file server, or a computer in a remote location. Whichever it is, that computer must have “issued” a form of “permission” that allows you to send a document into its file system. There are a handful of key conditions that must be met or your copier/scanner will beep at you with an error message.

Let copier-scanning pay off

“My copier is my scanner…”

“Everybody scans documents,” is a fairly safe statement. Almost everybody dreams of “going paperless” because it might save (pick some): The Planet, a Tree, a Whale, a Polar Bear. And any of these is a good thing. It might save mistakes and losses of information – and that’s important, too. It could save a life, keep someone out of jail, or find a missing person - more good things.